Highlights of the 2019 Ferrari 488 Pista Reviews

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Ferrari 488 Pista
The 2019 Ferrari 488 Pista reviews all echo with a similar sentiment: as a vehicle equipped with Ferrari’s most powerful V8 engine ever, its a driving experience unlike any other. For more about what that means, read on.

Car and Driver

The Car and Driver review highlights what’s changed from the 488 GTB, particularly the fact that half of the 488 Pista’s engine parts are new when compared to its predecessor. Some of the enhancements include a lighter crankshaft, more aggressive cams, shorter intake runners, and a new, lighter Inconel exhaust manifold. All in all, the 488 Pista is 176 pounds lighter than the GTB — and the weight drops by another 22 pounds with the optional carbon-fiber wheels. And while Car and Driver praises the car’s handling and driving dynamics on the track and even on “broken pavement,” the review also notes that it’s unique to drive even well below its top speed, noting, “Driving it below its potential on the street is still a thrill because the steering, brakes, and powertrain all sing the same tune and you’re there whistling along.”

Motor Trend

Motor Trend’s 2019 Ferrari 488 Pista review starts by bringing the car’s power into sharp relief, stating, “In the time it takes you to read this sentence aloud, the new Ferrari 488 Pista can accelerate from a standstill to 124 miles per hour.” This might be unsurprising given the fact that the 488 Pista’s more traditional 0-60 time is a mere 2.85 seconds. Praising its “flop-sweat power in any gear, at any rpm,” this review praises the car’s on-road manners both in track settings and in tight, urban traffic. This should be no surprise given the declaration by Nicola Boari, Ferrari’s head of product marketing, that “The Pista is about technology transfer from the track to the road, not a track car where we just hand you the keys.”

Road and Track

Road and Track’s 488 Pista review focus on that transfer of track-focused technology to a road-ready car, pointing out that that car’s downforce-generating S-Duct has its origins in Formula One racing and its rear diffuser is taken from the 488 GTE. Repositioned air intakes, meanwhile, allow for larger intercoolers.

What’s important is that these changes have concrete results: in test runs at the Pista di Fiorano, Ferrari’s private test track, the 488 Pista made the run 1.5 seconds faster than the stock 488 GTB and a full two seconds faster than the 458 Speciale and its naturally aspirated engine.


Automobile’s review starts by praising its stunning engine, pointing out that, at 711 hp 2 8,000 rpm and 568 lb-ft of torque at 3,000 rpm, it’s “the most powerful V-8 in the marque’s history” and noting that Ferrari says the Pista’s engine has more in common with the 488 Challenge race car’s than it does with the GTB’s.”The review also heaps praise on the car’s revisions, particularly in the areas of its air intake and cooling. For instance, the review notes that the 488 Pista’s engine air intakes have been moved to the bodywork around the rear spoiler, which provides a ram effect, while the intakes on the car’s flanks (which, Automobile notes, are inspired by the Ferrari 308), are designed to cool the engine compartment, which in turn increases airflow and allows for the addition of a larger intercooler. Finally, the front-mounted radiators angle toward the car’s rear (unlike on the GTB), which result in a 7 percent improvement in cooling efficiency.

But, as with every other 2019 Ferrari Pista review, the most important thing is what they think of the drive, and after some time with it on the track and elsewhere, Automobile is clear on this point: “this car is the one when it comes to mid-mounted, V-8-powered Ferraris.”

Ferrari 488 Pista on the track

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