Continental AutoSports Wins 2020 Cavallino Award

March 31st, 2021 by

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Continental AutoSports Ferrari has been recognized by Ferrari with the prestigious Cavallino Award, indicating our exceptional levels of customer service. Our team goes above and beyond to satisfy even the most demanding of Prancing Horse enthusiasts, and this award is a testament to that.

What is the Ferrari Cavallino Award?

Ferrari’s Cavallino Award was created to recognize dealerships that exceed standard business objectives, sales targets, and overall operations. To be eligible for this award, a Ferrari dealership must not only exhibit strong business performance and be actively engaged in sales, marketing, and service programs — the dealership must also go above and beyond to satisfy the most important part of the business: the customer. Exceptional customer service is a requirement to be eligible for a Ferrari Cavallino award — and at Continental AutoSports Ferrari, exceptional customer service is standard.

Why Continental AutoSports Ferrari?

Continental AutoSports Ferrari performs the functions of a Ferrari dealership at a very high level in every aspect of the business, including, sales, service, and parts.

We’re happy to help enthusiasts throughout the United States obtain a Ferrari of their own, whether they wish to purchase or lease, and we’re happy to discuss the intricacies of buying a Prancing Horse. In addition to our inventory of pre-driven Ferraris, we’re also happy to facilitate the purchase or lease of a new Ferrari.

Our service department is one of the shining stars of our business — in 2020, Continental AutoSports Ferrari was nominated as one of the top three Ferrari service departments in the entire world. We also happened to be the only nominee from the United States. It’s not surprising when you consider what we offer, though: a full staff of Ferrari Factory Trained Service Technicians (including three Ferrari Master Technicians) and an authorized Classiche Certification Centre that can fully restore and maintain classic Ferrari models.

Finally, we offer the full range of Ferrari parts, accessories, and merchandise!

See Why Continental AutoSports Ferrari is an Award-Winning Dealership

We would love to personally show you the level of customer service that has earned recognition from Ferrari itself. Contact us today to get started — we’re happy to help drivers nationwide from our dealership in the Chicago area.

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