Ferrari 812 Special Editions Revealed

May 31st, 2021 by

Ferrari 812 Competizione parked near a garage
Demonstrating their continued commitment to pushing the envelope, Ferrari has revealed a versione speciale of the iconic 812 Superfast. Dubbed the Ferrari 812 Competizione, it’s a faster, flashier, more refined version of a modern supercar legend. There’s also a convertible variant called the Ferrari 812 Competizione A (or Aperta). What’s not to love?

Ferrari 812 Competizione Changes: What’s New?

  • More Horsepower: The 812 Competizione, like the 812 Superfast, comes equipped with a naturally aspirated 6.5L V12 engine — but the Competizione produces more horsepower than the 812 Superfast, bringing its output to 819 hp. The standard Ferrari 812 Superfast tops out at 800 hp.
  • Higher Rev Limit: The Competizione produces its 819 hp @ 9,500 rpm, while the Superfast produces its 800 hp @ 8,500 rpm.
  • Engine Refinements: The 812 Competizione’s V12 engine gets a modified valve timing mechanism, new variable geometry inlet tracts, and a coating of diamond-like carbon to the camshafts.
  • New SSC System: These 812 special series models feature the seventh version of Ferrari’s famed Side Slip Control traction and stability system, which optimizes torque distribution on the fly to continually provide unparalleled responsiveness to steering input.
  • Lower Weight: The use of additional carbon fiber means that the Competizione models are lighter-weight than the Superfast.
  • Improved Downforce: These versiones speciale have 176 pounds more downforce than the standard 812. The Competizione features vortex generators attached to an aluminum rear windshield replacement, while the Competizione A features an integrated rear wing that improves aerodynamic performance.
  • Upgraded Exhaust System: With square-shaped tips and an additional particulate filter, the new exhaust system is at least partially responsible for the Competizione’s extra oomph.

Inquire About the 812 Competizione With Continental AutoSports Ferrari

The Ferrari Competizione and Competizione A are limited edition vehicles, and they’re certain to generate tremendous demand in the United States and across the world. Given how few Ferraris are produced, you shouldn’t wait to inquire about getting one of your own, especially since it’s rumored that this could be Ferrari’s last V12-powered model without electrification or turbocharging. Contact Continental AutoSports Ferrari to inquire about purchasing an 812 Competizione — we’re happy to help drivers nationwide from our dealership in the Chicago area.

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