Ferrari Club Challenge Program


Ferrari North America’s all-new Club Challenge program is good news for Ferrari enthusiasts that are passionate about driving on track. Ferrari Challenge car owners will now have the opportunity to drive at five different Ferrari Challenge Race Weekends in North America in a non-traditional racing environment.


The idea is for drivers to be able to experience driving iconic courses at their own pace. Club Challenge drivers will focus on lap time, with the overall goal being to conquer their previous best lap time. In order to achieve this, drivers are given access to telemetry data as well as one-on-one coaching both in-car and after the session.


In total, drivers are given about 2 hours of track time per day throughout the three-day race weekend. In addition, drivers are also given access to the Ferrari Challenge paddock and hospitality viewing area. To complete the experience, drivers also receive an array of Ferrari racing gear including a racing suit, gloves, shoes, underwear, helmet, and HANS device.


For Ferrari owners who have been waiting for that perfect opportunity to get on track for the first time, this is it. The experience is designed so drivers of any experience or skill level will get the most out of this unique chance to drive some of North America’s best tracks. For more advanced drivers considering joining the Ferrari Challenge North America Series, this is a perfect first step to get acquainted with driving the challenge car on track and an opportunity to pick up some new things from the coaching sessions. Note that all Ferrari Challenge cars are welcome, but only 488 Challenge parts will be supported at events. Call Continental AutoSports at (630)655-3535 for additional information and sign-up.

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