Ferrari Portofino M vs. Porsche 911 Turbo S

Ferrari Portofino M vs Porsche 911 Turbo S

Portofino M

911 Turbo S
3.9L V8 Twin-Turbo


Twin-Turbo Boxer V6

Driving Modes

10.3 Cubic Feet

Cargo Space

4.6 Cubic Feet

Seating Capacity


As two high-performance supercars with impressive pedigrees, comparing the Ferrari Portofino M and Porsche 911 Turbo S on the track will yield similar results. Both have top speeds near 200 mph and both can jump from 0 – 60 mph in the blink of an eye. And while the Ferrari offers a few things that Porsche doesn’t, both vehicles offer comparable performance. But in a comparison where raw speed and power are comparable, you must compare these competitors on their other merits — and it turns out that it’s no contest.

Interior Design

The Portofino M gives you world-class performance and world-class versatility. This is borne out when you compare their cargo capacities: the 911 Turbo S offers a mere 4.6 cubic feet of dedicated cargo space, while the Portofino M gives you 10.3 cubic feet, showcasing an ability to serve as an impressive daily driver in addition to being a race car that can burn up the track. Both cars seat up to four people.

It’s not just about having room, though: the Portofino M just offers a little bit more when it comes to amenities. While both vehicles feature large center displays, for instance, only the Portofino M has a passenger-side display screen from which the front passenger can control the media hub, view performance data, or select a new destination for the car’s navigation system. And while both vehicles offer seats designed to maximize comfort in high-performance situations, the Portofino M goes further by being available with seats that have a three-level ventilation system that continuously adapts airflow to the car’s speed, outside temperature, and the retractable top’s position.

Portofino M front seats and dashboard

Performance Features

While both cars are strong performers, Ferrari continuously puts control in your hands. For instance, much is made of the Porsche 199 Turbo S Wet Mode, which is a system that can adjust the vehicle’s systems to adapt to wet driving conditions — after manually prompting the driver. In isolation, this sounds impressive, but it’s not nearly as impressive as Ferrari’s famous manettino dial, which offers an array of driving modes to suit any situation: Wet, Comfort, Sport, ESP-Off, and Race. Five driving modes vs. one: Ferrari offers more to work with on the road!

And while the Porsche 911 Turbo S is no slouch when it comes to aerodynamic design – with features such as a variable rear spoiler — it can’t compete with the aerodynamic artistry of the Portofino M. Things like redesigned front bumpers with new air intakes, a new air vent at wheelarch height that reduces the M’s drag, and a new rear diffuser enhance the M’s ability to slice through the air over its predecessor as well as the competition.

Ferrari Portofino M parked near the Golden Gate Bridge

Acquire Your Own Portofino M With Continental AutoSports Ferrari

Each is more than a mere sports car, but they aren’t comparable in every way. The Prancing Horse simply offers more comfort, versatility, and control to go with its world-class performance. All that’s left to do is explore buying a Ferrari of your own. Among enthusiasts from Indianapolis to Milwaukee and throughout the country, Continental AutoSports Ferrari has helped facilitate the purchase of new and pre-driven Ferrari vehicles from our dealership in Chicagoland. Contact us online to inquire today.

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