Ferrari Purosangue vs. Porsche Cayenne

Ferrari Purosangue vs. Porsche Cayenne

Ferrari Purosangue


Porsche Cayenne
193 mph

Max Speed

164 mph
715 hp


541 hp
3.3 seconds

0-60 Time

4.9 seconds
528 lb-ft


567 lb-ft

The Ferrari Purosangue may not look like any other Ferrari you’ve ever seen. Still, it’s the latest in a legacy of four-seaters from this luxury brand. Ferrari’s founder would be proud to see this modern take on the 2+2. Learn how the Purosangue brings four-passenger comfort to performance driving. 

What is a 2+2?

The 2+2 or 2 plus 2 is a coupe with a set of rear seats. The back seat is often smaller and intended for occasional use. 2+2s are available in both two and four-door models. This body style blends the style and performance of a sports car with an injection of everyday practicality.

The 2+2 seating arrangement is nothing new. Ferrari has been releasing coupes with small rear seats since 1959. Brand founder Enzo Ferrari was known to prefer the added space that a 2+2 offers. 

Crossovers and SUVs meet the demand for performance drivers looking for more space, but only with significant profile changes. The four-seat Ferrari Purosangue preserves the body style of a sports car with the convenience of two additional seats. Compare this elegant 2+2 with the Porsche Cayenne to see the difference. 

Ferrari Purosangue vs. Porsche Cayenne: Power and Performance

The Porsche Cayenne may be bigger than the Ferrari Purosangue, but it’s not faster. The Ferrari Purosangue pulls 715 horsepower, a full 174 more than the Cayenne at 541. At 528 lb-ft, the Purosangue comes in second to the Cayenne. However, that doesn’t stop the Purosangue from accelerating faster. The Ferrari goes from 0 to 60 in 3.3 seconds. The Cayenne needs 4.9. 

Once you’re up and running, the Ferrari can hit top speeds of 193 mph. The Cayenne is fast but comes in 29 miles per hour slower at 164. Stacked up against the competition, the Ferrari Purosangue refuses to come in second. 

Ferrari Purosangue vs. Porsche Cayenne: Interior

The Porsche Cayenne offers style and luxury with the driving experience of an SUV. While smaller than many comparable luxury SUVs, the Cayenne still features higher clearance for offroad capability. 

The Ferrari Purosangue is a four-door 2+2 luxury sports car with a classic low profile. Its four coach doors open to four bucket seats and a stylish interior. With a powerful V12 engine, the Purosangue provides a road-gripping, thrilling ride with added functionality. 

Whether you’re commuting to Milwaukee or shopping in Indianapolis, you’ll have the space you need in a coupe. No need to size up into an SUV when the Ferrari Purosangue offers a low, street-gripping style with seating for 4 and 16.7 cubic feet of cargo space!

Learn More About the Ferrari Purosangue With Continental AutoSports Ferrari

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