Ferrari Daytona SP3 Interior Design

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Ferrari Daytona SP3 front seat interior

The Ferrari Daytona SP3 is only available in extremely limited quantities, and that means that only a handful of drivers will ever get to spend time inside the cabin. Of course, this hard truth has hardly dulled the enthusiasm of the Prancing Horse’s most avid Chicagoland supporters. Our overview of the Ferrari Daytona SP3 interior will give you the impression of being up close and personal with this one-of-a-kind model—and you can contact our team at any time if you’d like to learn more.

Ferrari Daytona SP3 Seats & Details

The Ferrari Daytona SP3 seats are fully integrated with the chassis, and the effect of this decision is an unparalleled connection between the vehicle and its driver. However, where other competition cars have seats and headrests that are completely fixed in position, the Ferrari Daytona SP3 offers a pedal box that you can use to change your position, along with an independent headrest that you can adjust to your liking. Naturally, the racetrack-ready Ferrari Daytona SP3 seats two passengers comfortably.

When you configure the Ferrari Daytona SP3 interior, you can select from luscious materials like genuine leather and Alcantara—both offered in a wide range of compelling tones. Moreover, you can finish your dash with Alcantara Nera or Nero leather, and opt for compelling finishes like Matte Carbon Fiber.

What Else Should You Know About the Ferrari Daytona SP3 Design?

The Ferrari Daytona SP3 design is based on some of the most iconic models that have borne the Prancing Horse insignia: the 330 P3/P4, the 312 P, and the 350 Can-Am. Every element in the cabin has been streamlined and pared down in order to offer a minimalist, functional feel while maximizing driver engagement. 

The dashboard of the Ferrari Daytona SP3 is structured along a dividing line that runs the full horizontal length of the cabin. Above that line, the simple and sophisticated dash is broken only by the customizable gear cluster—ergo, everything is directed toward the road ahead.

Beneath that line, you’ll encounter the Daytona SP3’s Human-Machine Interface, which includes all of the controls and settings that you’ll need to stay connected on the freeways from Milwaukee to Indianapolis. Smartly designed touch controls allow you to operate the vast majority of features with almost no hand motion. Moreover, the 16-inch curved glass display features crisp graphics and superb response times.

Unlike the Ferrari Monza SP1 and the Ferrari Monza SP2—the first two entries in the Prancing Horse’s ultra-exclusive Icona Series—the Ferrari Daytona SP3 is offered with a targa-style roof and a fully sheltered cabin.

Learn More with Continental AutoSports Ferrari

The Ferrari Daytona SP3 interior shows off the very best of what the brand can do, so we could hardly be surprised if this overview has captured your attention. Although it may no longer be possible to order a Ferrari Daytona SP3 of your own, we’d still be happy to help you configure a new Ferrari or order a custom model through the Ferrari Tailor Made program. It’s all up to you—and we’re here to answer any questions you may have along the way.

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