Ferrari FF Review Highlights

January 31st, 2020 by

Ferrari FF through a window
With four seats, a shooting brake body style, and an impressive V12 engine, the Ferrari FF is an impressive all-wheel-drive car that injects a big dose of versatility into the Prancing Horse’s supercar formula. Critics agree that this is an impressive vehicle for the track or the road, and it’s not just because of its spacious rear seats. Here’s what some of the top outlets in the industry have said about Ferrari’s first production car with an all-wheel-drive system.

Motor Authority

Motor Authority has a lot of praise for the FF’s driving dynamics and comfort, which are atypical among vehicles with its performance credentials, writing that “There’s something gloriously rebellious about the way the car goes about its business — about all the power on tap, and the animal let out in high-rpm driving that’s kept mild-mannered otherwise.” Much praise is heaped on the car’s relative civility in the context of the power under the hood, in addition to its versatility, with particular note being made of its 28.3 cubic feet of maximum cargo space.

It’s a practical Prancing Horse, yes, though not everyone will treat it as such. While acknowledging that not all Ferrari fans will use the FF as a daily driver, the Motor Authority review concludes by declaring, “just the potential for all those practical uses makes it brilliant, and the zenith as worlds collide.”
Ferrari FF rear seats

Automobile Magazine

Automobile Magazine focuses primarily on the FF’s well-mannered drive in contrast with the power at its disposal, more than the potential real-world daily uses for the car’s generous interior space. “‘Smooth’ might be the best description of the FF overall,” the review declares, noting that the FF’s doesn’t necessarily feel like a supercar until you press down the gas pedal, at which point the car seamlessly engages with all its might. The practical features, together with the well-mannered driving dynamics, make the FF “certainly in a class all its own when it comes to usability combined with a special experience.”

Perhaps the most telling sentence from this Ferrari FF review is a sentence we’ve seen expressed about many other Prancing Horses: “The most telling thing about a Ferrari FF is that every second you’re behind the wheel, you want to drive the car even more”

Ars Technica

Ars Technica’s Ferrari’s FF review notes performance, of course, but heaps attention on this GT car’s interior comforts and versatility, noting that, “From the driver’s seat — in fact, from any of the four seats — the FF is a treat,” with special attention paid to the car’s heated and cooled seats as well as its rear headroom. The car’s versatility is consistently praised, with the review noting that “there’s plenty of luggage space” and “more than enough [space] for a Costco run.”

Versatility aside, Ars Technica also has praise for the FF’s power — and, like other outlets, they have good things to say about its well-mannered drive in the context of its raw power. They praise the FF as “a very comfortable car to drive,” adding that it’s “one that feels as if it wraps around you.”

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Reading FF reviews is one thing, but owning one is a truly special experience. As comfortable on the highways between Indianapolis and St. Louis as it is making short trips around Chicago, the FF is a standout on the track and as a daily driver. Contact us today to inquire about buying a Ferrari FF. While Chicagoland is our home, we proudly serve supercar enthusiasts throughout the United States.

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