Ferrari GTC4Lusso Interior Design and Technology

October 31st, 2019 by

Ferrari GTC4Lusso T dashboard
Having replaced the FF in the Ferrari lineup, the GTC4Lusso offers several improvements to the outgoing model — and not just under the hood, or in the exterior design. The Ferrari GTC4Lusso interior set a new standard for cabin design, not only for the Prancing Horse lineup and for shooting-brake coupes, but for vehicles the world over. You’ll understand when you spend some time inside.

Cockpit Design

The first and perhaps most striking thing you’ll notice when getting inside the GTC4Lusso is its dual-cockpit architecture. A central divider separates the front driver and passenger to give each an individual-cockpit feel, but there are also rear seats — a rarity among Prancing Horses. Even so, when you step on the gas and feel 680 hp @ 8,000 rpm and the potential top speed of 208 mph at your fingertips, you’ll never question whether you’re driving a Ferrari.

The cockpit is truly a triumph of sporty luxury, and the meticulous attention to design becomes even more apparent when you consider the amenities and technology with this all-wheel-drive supercar.
Ferrari GTC4Lusso T interior

Amenities and Technology

The GTC4Lusso puts tremendous luxury amenities at your disposal, including a satellite navigation system with 3D maps, Apple CarPlay, climate control, and a 10.25-inch HD touchscreen in the center console. The front passenger can also enjoy an 8.8-inch color HD touchscreen that displays vehicle telemetry data.

This is a luxury supercar to be sure, but the GTC4Lusso’s interior also boasts a number of practical improvements over the FF. The instrument boasts a large tachometer flanked by high-definition LCD screens that can display a variety of information, including navigation instructions. The steering column has no stalks with controls on them — rather, these controls are all located on the steering wheel itself for easy access, even at high speeds. Ferrari has produced a cabin in the GTC4Lusso that maximizes convenience and practicality while staying true to the incredible performance expected of a Prancing Horse.

Inquire About Your Own GTC4Lusso at Continental AutoSports

The GTC4Lusso is truly a cutting-edge grand tourer, and you can inquire about purchasing one of your own when you contact Continental AutoSports. While we’re based in the Chicagoland area, we’re happy to serve enthusiasts from St. Louis to Indianapolis and throughout the United States.

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