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Every Ferrari represents the bleeding edge of automotive engineering, and that’s reflected in the stature they enjoy in the automotive world. They offer unrivaled performance on and off the track, as well as intuitive features to help you control them and to make your drive practical. There’s a lot to learn about Ferrari vehicles &m-dash; and Continental AutoSports Ferrari is here to help. 

As the leading source for new and pre-owned Ferrari models in the Chicagoland area, we take our role as a Ferrari brand ambassador very seriously. We work hard to offer the best Ferrari information available to help bring you one step closer to owning your dream ride. Below, you can explore our Ferrari research guides to familiarize yourself with the latest information on the performance, technology, and racing participation of the Prancing Horse brand!


At the heart of every Ferrari lies a proud racing spirit. Our Ferrari information regarding racing updates and advancements will enable you to remain steadfast in your eagerness to show off the capabilities of your supercar. 

Ferrari in the News

Living the Ferrari lifestyle often goes well beyond the confines of the Chicago streets. Keep pace with the latest Ferrari brand updates, courtesy of Continental AutoSports Ferrari. From model previews to historic milestones, we have all the information you need to remain a bonafide Ferrari research expert.


When you take to the Indianapolis streets in a Ferrari, the roaring engine and jaw-dropping body styling will make you the envy of fellow motorists and pedestrians alike. Take a moment to envelop yourself in the very latest Ferrari design information. 


It nearly goes without saying that each Ferrari model brings an unrivaled level of output to the streets of Milwaukee. Exhilarate your senses around every turn with an exemplary Ferrari supercar. 


Ferrari ownership is exclusive and reserved for those with a genuine appreciation for the finer things in life – on and off the Hinsdale roadways. Discover what Ferrari ownership can add to your lifestyle today. 

Origins and Manufacturing

The history of Ferrari is proud and grows stronger every day. Whether you’re curious about the inception of this brand or you’d like to learn more about how Ferrari models are crafted, our team has the resources you need. 

Vehicle Types

Regardless of if you’re a new enthusiast or a lifelong fan, there is a lot of Ferrari information that’s unique to the Prancing Horse brand. As such, we’ve laid out the Ferrari research you need to get up to date on the vehicle options at your fingertips. 

Frequently-Asked Questions

A smart car owner knows exactly the right questions to ask. In turn, we do our best to offer answers to the most frequently asked questions to ensure your Ferrari research never stalls. 

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Brand Comparisons

The Ferrari brand is often imitated, with paltry success. While other brands muster up their best attempts, they fall short of meeting the standards of the Prancing Horse. Even still, our team is here to help you stay in the loop on what other exotic brands have to offer. 

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  • Ferrari Purosangue Colors

    When you’re looking to buy a luxury vehicle for those Chicago cruises, you want it to look amazing inside and out, which is why color is important. On the outside, the exterior Ferrari Purosangue paint colors and body styling ensure that you’ll start a conversation at every destination. The Ferrari Purosangue interior colors are a direct reflection of the modern design and structure of the Purosangue, which — fun fact — is actually modeled after the SF90!  Not only do you get a comfortable SUV, but you also get the high-performance look to boot! In our guide below, you can…

  • 2023 Morocco Cavalcade Recap

    Each year, the invite-only Ferrari Cavalcade sets out to awe spectators and reward passionate Ferrari owners and enthusiasts with an ultra-exclusive treat. This year was no exception, with over 80 stunning Ferrari models piloting across a 1,000 km route that navigated scenic deserts and coastlines in this grand affair. Essaouira, Morocco, played a prominent role, with the “City of Wind” serving as an ideal host for the artistry that is a Prancing Horse procession. Read on through our Ferrari research guide below to take a closer look at the exemplary 2023 Ferrari Cavalcade.  Ferrari Roma Spider Unveiled More Ferrari Research…

  • Introducing the Ferrari Roma Spider

    For the first time in over 50 years, Ferrari has unveiled a soft-top, front-engine model. The design of this drop-top harkens back to the days of opulence and grandeur that marked Italian lifestyle in the 1950s and 1960s. While the new Ferrari Roma Spider embodies old-world charm and characteristics, this front-engined Prancing Horse is built with modern conveniences and capabilities to suit your most exciting Chicago drives. In our guide, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know regarding the Ferrari Roma Spider release date, specs, features, and more. Roma Spider Unveiled at 2023 Morocco Cavalcade More Ferrari Research…

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