What is an Exotic Car?

2023 Ferrari 296 GTB

So you’ve heard the “exotic car” phrasing here and there but what does it really mean when a car is exotic? And how does it differ from a luxury car, for example? Believe it or not, there is no strict checklist that makes a car exotic, but there are some determining factors that help place a rare car into the exotic category. Care to see some of our exotic vehicles? Take a look at our model lineup at Continental AutoSports Ferrari in Hinsdale!

What Makes An Exotic Car Exotic?

First things first, how do you determine if a car is exotic or not? Usually, the easiest way to do so is by looking at the numbers. If it’s limited to a small amount, then chances are that vehicle isn’t one that you’ll be seeing a lot out in Chicago.

Which brings us to another determining factor: rarity. This goes hand in hand with small production numbers but it can also pertain to certain aspects of a vehicle’s mechanics, like the horsepower. Even the country of origin can make a car exotic.

Essentially, if something about a vehicle is highly unique about a car, costs a lot of money, and isn’t a vehicle you see very often, it can be counted as an exotic. That being said, a car that wasn’t previously seen as exotic can eventually become exotic if the circumstances align.

What is the Difference Between Luxury and Exotic Cars?

Now that you have a better understanding of what makes a vehicle exotic, how can you tell the difference between luxury cars and exotic cars? Luxury cars are vehicles that have been outfitted with premium features and every amenity available that gives it the highest level of comfort possible. Whereas exotic cars, while they do prioritize comfort as well, rely on a vehicle being limited, rare, and/or exceptionally made.

So what is considered an exotic car then? Luckily for our Milwaukee and Indianapolis drivers, many Ferrari models can be considered of exotic nature. Given the limited production and unique composition both under the hood and when it comes to the exterior, our lineup has all the right attributes that earn them a spot in the exotic realm.

Become An Exotic Car Owner at Continental AutoSports Ferrari

If you’re looking to make a special purchase and turn heads around Hinsdale with a supercar that not many have seen before, then you’re in the right place. Not sure which Prancing Horse to go with? Contact us and we’ll work with you to perfectly match your new car needs and desires. Or if you already know what you want, apply for financing today and start your exotic car journey with Ferrari!


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