Who is Carlos Sainz?

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Born in Madrid, Spain in 1994, Formula 1 driver Carlos Sainz is a rising name in the racing world, and it’s clear why. And it all started with karting. In 2008, Sainz won the Asia-Pacific KF3 title. Which was quickly followed by a win at the prestigious Junior Monaco Kart Cup as well as a runner-up title in the European KF3 Championship in 2009.

Sainz entered the world of F1 with BMW in 2010, starting his career off with a podium position of 3rd and 6th place at the Circuit de Catalunya. Many more top 10 wins followed after that, serving as the dominos that pushed him into Formula 3 in 2012 and GP3 as well as Formula Renault 3.5 in 2013.

Sainz’s Career: The Rise to Formula 1

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Carlos Sainz was born with the F1 fighting spirit as he is indeed the son of double World Rally champion, Carlos Sainz. And he lives up to that Madrid racing royalty legacy throughout every race he takes.

Back in 2015, Sainz entered F1’s bull ring paired alongside Max Verstappen at Toro Rosso in 2015 and it was from that point that Sainz caught the attention of the public with a fire-forged tenacity that earned him the nickname: Chilli.

Sainz’s cool disposition is but one reason he moved up in the racing world and replaced his childhood hero Fernando Alonso at McLaren. And now Sainz takes the torch from Sebastian Vettel as the Scuderia Ferrari F1 frontman. And it’s here that he earned his first F1 win with a victory at Silverstone in 2022!

Carlos Sainz: Driving Stats and Results

Sainz’s rise to Formula 1 is something to behold and it’s those humble beginnings that landed him where he is today. With his high level of skill, he’s managed to gather some impressive stats, so if you’re wondering what his driving translates into on paper, we have all the information you need. Here are Carlos Sainz’s current Ferrari standings:

  • Race Wins: 1 (1 total)
  • Pole Positions: 2 (2 total)
  • Grand Prix: 48 (166 total)
  • Total Podiums: 15
  • Retirements: 33

And if you’re curious about Sainz’s general standings stats:

  • 8,746 laps
  • 2 fastest laps
  • 816.50 points

Ferrari and Formula 1: The Perfect Pairing

It’s safe to say that Formula 1 driver Carlos Sainz has much to offer the world of racing. It is in his blood after all! And we look forward to seeing some more amazing racing from #55 in the future!

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