Ferrari SF90 Stradale Plug-In Hybrid Unveiled

June 28th, 2019 by

Ferrari has unveiled a new model: the FSF90 Stradale. Named after the Prancing Horse’s current Formula 1 racer and displacing the LaFerrari as the automaker’s flagship vehicle, this car is a bold statement, not only because of how much power it offers — 986 hp — but also because of how that power is achieved: from a twin-turbo V8 engine augmented by three electric motors. That’s right: the new Prancing Horse is a plug-in hybrid, making the Ferrari SF90 Stradale a bold statement about the future of supercars.

Performance Details

The SF90 Stradale’s hybrid powertrain is more traditional than the LaFerrari’s HY-KERS system, with its three electric motors offering immediate torque. One of these motors supplies power to each of the front wheels, with the third resting between the engine and the transmission. The SF90 Stradale is also the first mid-engine Ferrari with all-wheel drive.

These electric motors supplement a twin-turbo 4.0L V8 engine, which itself produces 769 hp, with the electric motors adding an additional 217 hp. All told, this Prancing Horse will put 986 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque at your disposal, for a top speed of 211 mph and the ability to sprint from 0 – 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds. The hybrid system also includes a 7.9-kWh lithium-ion battery that can provide an all-electric driving range of up to 16 miles. This power is channeled through a new eight-speed dual-clutch transmission.
Ferrari SF90 Stradale from above

Interior and Exterior Design

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale’s interior is minimalistic, with no physical buttons on the dashboard — nearly all functions are used through capacitive touch. Almost all driving-related controls are on the steering wheel, including shift paddles. The digital instrument channel is on a 16-inch curved display, and this is also Ferrari’s first road car with a head-up display.

The carbon fiber body displays the influence of the F8 Tributo and LaFerrari, with a wide stance, slit-like engine intakes, and thin headlights. Like all Prancing Horse supercars, the SF90 Stradale’s exterior is an aerodynamic masterpiece. It features a gurney flap-style spoiler that’s revealed in applicable circumstances, which has the effect of decreasing drag and increasing downforce during braking and cornering. This enables the car to generate as much as 860 pounds of downforce at speeds of 155 mph.

Inquire About the Ferrari SF90 Stradale With Continental AutoSports Ferrari

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale’s name is a celebration of the 90th anniversary of Scuderia Ferrari, and its plug-in hybrid powertrain — and its specs — makes it a bold statement about the automotive future. Contact Continental AutoSports Ferrari to inquire about purchasing this model or another Prancing Horse. We’re based in Chicagoland, but we’re a destination for enthusiasts from Indianapolis to Milwaukee and throughout the country, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

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