LaFerrari Aperta offers incredible power and performance

April 14th, 2017 by

2017 LaFerrari Aperta

2017 LaFerrari Aperta performance specs

The 2017 LaFerrari Aperta is setting a new tone within the Ferrari brand. Blending the extreme power and precision that the brand is known for, with the advanced efficiency of a hybrid powertrain, this supercar is poised to offer a new level of performance as the most powerful Ferrari designed for the road. Of course, this incredible drive comes in addition to a long list of other appealing attributes including its advanced technology, exclusive availability and beyond eye-catching style.

2017 LaFerrari ApertaThe 2017 LaFerrari Aperta will draw you in with its powerful exterior styling and comfortable interior, but it’ll seal the deal with its adrenaline-inducing performance. It’s all thanks to the uniquely massive mid-rear, naturally aspirated V12 engine that’s been paired with a 120kW electric motor. Together, these power sources are able to produce an incredible maximum output of 963 cv (949.44 horsepower) and 900 nm (663.8 lb-ft) of torque.

Its unique powertrain configuration comes together in this hybrid supercar, which features the pairing of a V12 engine with a fuel-saving electric motor, allowing the LaFerrari Aperta to achieve incredible power while doing so with game-changing efficiency. Its HY-KERS system perfectly blends power and economy to make the hybrid 2017 LaFerrari Aperta the most high-performance and efficient Ferrari vehicle out there.

2017 LaFerrari Aperta top speed and acceleration

And we definitely mean it when we say it offers a high-performance drive. With these impressive specs, the Laferrari Aperta is able to reach a top speed of 218 miles per hour. It can also reach 124 miles per hour in less than seven seconds and 186 miles per hour in just 15 seconds.

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