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Ferrari Types and Information

The Prancing Horse may be known for raw power and performance, but even a glace at any of the Ferrari types reveals an unmistakable elegance to these supercars. Race cars, sports cars, and grand tourers — in some sense, every Ferrari has aspects of each, but not every model can emphasize raw power like the SF90 Stradale or impressive versatility like the Roma.

Broadly speaking, the different types of Ferrari models you’ll find are:

  • Grand Tourer: A grand tourer is designed for both high speeds and comfort over long distances. While any Ferrari grand tourer can tear up the track, performance is not the sole focus of these models.
  • Sports Car: Precise handling, raw performance, and the thrill of being behind the wheel — this is the realm of the sports car. Performance comes before versatility, and while you can happily drive these on the roadways, they’ll feel most at home on the track.

Anyone who’s had the pleasure of driving a Ferrari knows that they’re among the most incredible cars in the world. The experience you can have behind the wheel of a Prancing Horse is truly singular, which makes buying your own Ferrari a special treat. Contact Continental AutoSports Ferrari to start the process. — we’re located in the Chicago area, but we proudly serve enthusiasts in Milwaukee, Indianapolis, and throughout the United States!


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