Portofino First Impressions

August 21st, 2018 by

Recently, I had the opportunity to take a short test-drive in the all-new Ferrari Portofino and record some video of my first impressions. Having spent a lot of time in a California T recently, it was great to be able to compare the incoming and outgoing model. There’s no doubt that the updated 591-hp engine with variable boost management delivers much more torque and driveability than the Cali T. The Portofino has a compelling combination of style, comfort, and performance. Combined with the latest infotainment tech and conveniences, the Portofino will be the one do-it-all Ferrari in your garage that you’ll want to take anywhere. I hope you enjoy my video test drive and, like myself, will look forward to spending more time behind the wheel once these vehicles start to arrive at the dealership.


Joel Weinberger


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