Available Ferrari Wheels & Color Options

Ferrari F8 Tributo from behind

The wheels that you choose for your Ferrari can make a world of difference—and not just where appearance is concerned. Most Ferrari production vehicles are available with either cast or forged wheels, and the most exclusive models are also offered with carbon fiber wheels that push the boundaries of the possible. Each of these Ferrari wheel options is lighter than the last, and lighter wheels perform better when the chips are down. 

If you’re planning to order a new Ferrari or update a model that you already own, our guide to Ferrari wheels can help you explore the strengths and weaknesses of each option and make the right decision for your rides.

Ferrari Cast Wheels

Cast wheels are the most common wheels offered on today’s production vehicles, primarily because they are the simplest to produce. The process involves heating up aluminum until it reaches a molten state. Subsequently, this molten aluminum is poured into a mold and left to solidify. Once the wheel has set, it is trimmed to spec and attached to the vehicle.

When performed correctly, the casting process can produce a wide variety of complex components. Moreover, the build quality of cast wheels leaves little to be desired, at least where street driving is concerned. With that said, there’s always room for improvement—and drivers who intend to spend time on the track should consider their other options carefully.

  • Advantages: Low cost, ease of production, ease of replacement
  • Drawbacks: Heavier than other Ferrari wheel options

Ferrari owners who select 20-inch cast wheels can choose from a variety of paints and finishes, including Brilliant Silver, Liquid Silver, and Matte Grigio Corsa. Availability may vary from model to model.

Ferrari Forged Wheels

Forged wheels start out as billets: large, square pieces of metal. The billet is then heated to a very high temperature, but not quite to the point of melting. Instead, the unformed metal is transformed into a wheel with the application of intense pressure. This process eliminates the cavities, porosity, and shrinkage that can plague cast wheels, and it also results in a tighter grain structure.

Ferrari forged wheels have acquired a reputation for exceptional performance, just like the Prancing Horse’s vehicles. It’s not at all difficult to see why. Forged wheels are generally 25–30% lighter than cast wheels, and thanks to their tighter grain structure, they are mechanically stronger too.

  • Advantages: Lightweight, better wear resistance, sharper handling, sportier and more dynamic appearance
  • Drawbacks: Higher cost

Whether you’re interested in Ferrari multi-spoke forged wheels or you’re leaning toward another design, you’ll have a variety of color options to consider when configuring your vehicle. 20-inch Ferrari forged wheels are offered in Brilliant Silver, Liquid Silver, Matte Grigio Corsa, and Grigio Silverstone Two-tone Diamond. Here as well, availability may vary.

Ferrari Carbon Fiber Wheels

If you really want to pull out all the stops, you can’t afford to overlook Ferrari carbon fiber wheels. These components are manufactured under the strictest possible conditions, and the production process is significantly more involved than either of the techniques surveyed above. 

Each of the following is used to help bring these futuristic, ultra-lightweight wheels to life:

  • Tailored Fiber Placement construction ensures that each wheel can withstand the vehicle’s weight distribution, torque output, and braking force under the most extreme conditions.
  • Resin Transfer Molding maximizes structural stability.
  • 3D x-rays, leak detection, and tolerance checks are all employed in the quality control process.
  • A clear finishing coat, derived from innovations in aerospace technology, protects the completely unpainted carbon fiber.

Ferrari carbon fiber wheels are up to 40% lighter than the standard cast wheels, and they look incredibly unique. A Ferrari with carbon fiber wheels will accelerate and brake more quickly, and handle more sharply too!

They’re more expensive and more exclusive than the other Ferrari wheel options we’ve reviewed, but you’ll notice a difference whenever you visit the racetracks of greater Indianapolis and Chicagoland.

Ferrari carbon fiber wheels are only available on the Prancing Horse’s most thrilling production vehicles. Once again, there are no color options to consider. Everything inessential is eschewed in order to push performance to its limit.

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