The Midas Touch

January 31st, 2019 by

There is a historical practice of gold satin finished wheels in Ferrari’s DNA.  Dating back to 1960, gold wheels were used as part of the Ferrari livery package on Formula one race vehicles.  Gold wheels have been available as part of standard and special equipment requests on street legal models throughout the years.  Ferrari Tailor Made and Atelier Programs in Maranello, have catered to many requests for gold satin finishes etc.  Currently, the Ferrari Pista, Pista Spider, 488 GTB, and 488 Spider offer gold satin finished wheels as part of the standard equipment options.  I suspect that you will see more of this racy gold flashback!

Houston Astros Pitcher, Justin Verlander has fine taste in cars and sports gold wheels on his amazing 488 Pista!

Here are some more examples of gold wheels…

1965 Ferrari Dino O and 206 SP

1966 Ferrari 312 F1

1968 Ferrari 612 CAN-AM

1969 Ferrari 212 E

1969 Ferrari 312 P

1970 Ferrari 312 B

1970 Ferrari 512 S

1971 Ferrari 512 M

1973 Ferrari 312 B3

1982 Ferrari 126 C2

1985 Ferrari 156 / 85

1986 Ferrari F1 / 86

1994 Ferrari 412 T1 and T1B

1996 Ferrari F 310


Ferrari Midas Touch