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Ferrari California T Colors

When you think of a Ferrari, what color comes to mind? Red, of course! Rosso Corsa is the iconic Ferrari color – always has been, always will be. Every Ferrari model looks gorgeous in racing red. But while Rosso Corsa is still the most popular color, more and more Ferrari owners have been starting to think outside the box. The California T is at the forefront of the trend. For your viewing pleasure and inspiration, here’s a few less-traditional Ferrari California T colors to expand your palette.

Spring/Summer Colors for 2016

In Ferrari’s new video, the California T shows off four paint colors that embody this season’s hottest fashion trends:

Ferrari California T Blu Mirabeau

Blu Mirabeau

This subtle metallic shade looks gorgeous in the sunlight, and pairs wonderfully with a lighter leather interior.

Ferrari California T Grigio Ferro

Grigio Ferro

This metallic gray is a little more understated, but it’ll really make those yellow Ferrari badges pop.

Ferrari California T Giallo Modena

Giallo Modena

Almost as eye-catching as a red Ferrari, this bold, bright yellow is the second-most popular Ferrari color.

Ferrari California T Azzurro

Azzurro California

And what could be a better match for the California T than the cloudless blue of a California sky?

A California T In Every Shade

Why stop there? What about a California T in…

Ferrari California T Avorio


A white convertible looks so classic and clean, and we think this warm ivory color makes a great contrast with the California T’s black grille and trim.

Ferrari California T Rosso Dino

Rosso Dino

First popularized on the Ferrari Dino, this burnt-orange is one of the most underappreciated Ferrari colors. Add on dark matte wheels with a charcoal interior and you’ll be making a one-of-a-kind statement.

Ferrari California T California Red

California Red

Yet another gorgeous Ferrari red.

Ferrari California T Blu Abu Dhabi

Blu Abu Dhabi

This unique, iridescent blue shade seems to shift with the lighting. Hit with direct sunlight, it’s almost a green. It’s well worth seeing in person.

Want your California T in a unique color you’re not seeing here? No problem! We can help you personalize your Ferrari to match any color you can imagine. Contact us to learn more! Or…just get it in Rosso Corsa, because you know you want to.

Ferrari California T Rosso Corsa

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