Ferrari Corso Pilota Driving School

Corso Pilota is a Ferrari driving school designed to teach precision driving techniques and vehicle control strategies. Originally launched in Italy in 1993, Ferrari began offering these highly personalized classes in the United States in 2006.

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What to Expect From the Corso Pilota Ferrari Driving School

The two-day course includes personal instruction on driving and vehicle control, both in the classroom and on the race track. These classes are divided into Sport, Advanced, Evolution, and Challenge courses. Each course is designed to increasingly push the skill set of the driver to the Challenge level, which is professional racing.

Ferrari Corso Pilota instructors are racing champions from around the world, with experience including wins in Daytona 24 Hours and 24 Hours of Le Mans. Participants will receive personal instruction and guidance from the world-best racing talents. Many people simply enjoy racing and take the Corso Pilota classes multiple times! The fleet of Ferrari vehicles provided for track instruction are as follows:

Corso Pilota Course Levels

Sport Course

Corso Pilota Sport is ideal for someone who wants to drive a Ferrari but needs to hone their skills in a controlled environment. This progressive program is designed to offer a comprehensive understanding of sport driving techniques. Up to 21 participants are taught the basics, which include:

  • Ideal cockpit position
  • Positive accelerator and brake control
  • Braking and acceleration techniques
  • Establishing precise driving lines

Eventually, drivers will participate in more advanced car control exercises.

Corso Pilota Sport Course

Corso Pilota Advanced Course

Advanced Course

Drivers who have a grasp of basic techniques may opt for the advanced course, which allows up to 18 participants divided into three groups. Intense, specialized Ferrari driving classes are the focus, particularly at high speeds — with a continued emphasis on safety. The classroom driving theory sessions are tailored to the driving styles and technical aptitude of the participants, which in turn allows students to analyze their own performance.

Evolution Course

Available to 15 participants divided into three groups, the Evolution course is built around developing on-road skills in a Ferrari 488 Challenge race car. An in-depth analysis of telemetry data is used to help drivers improve their technique and performance, and dynamic skill trials help participants apply sport driving techniques to everyday situations. It’s as much about acquainting drivers with the incredible ceiling of a Ferrari’s performance as it is about helping them understand their own limits.

Corso Pilota Evolution Course

Corso Pilot Challenge course

Challenge Course

The Challenge Course demands that participants take the concepts they learns in the previous to their logical conclusion: the racetrack. The Challenge Course consists of in-depth, technically advanced instruction designed to perfect driving techniques and maintain top-tier performance during timed sessions on the track. The emphasis is on developing familiarity with racing techniques such as starting, overtaking, car setup, and race rules and regulations.

The goal is to teach drivers how they can compete in the Ferrari Challenge in a safe and professional manner.

Why Corso Pilota?

Corso Pilota is the official Ferrari racing school — when you participate in these classes, you’ll be learning from world-class drivers with hands-on racing experience. Whether you’re new to the track or if you’ve done a few laps, you’ll benefit from the hard-won experience of experts who have proven their ability in actual races. The result of these driving courses is this: you will become intimately acquainted with the capabilities of Ferrari vehicles, learning how to push both yourself and the vehicles to the limit, and you’ll do so in a safe, controlled environment.

More than just a road test, and more than just a unique experience: going through the Corso Pilota courses can help you learn the skills of an elite driver, and even lead to earning a place in a Ferrari Challenge race!

How Much Does Ferrari Driving School Cost?

Ferrari Corso Pilota is a world-class driving program exclusively available to Ferrari customers. Corso Pilota packages range from $15,300 to $29,550, and includes hands-on time with some of the finest Ferrari driving instructors in the world..

Each package includes:

  • Two-day course curriculum
  • Vehicles to drive
  • Five-star hotel accommodations
  • Commemorative event memorabilia
  • Champagne reception
  • Group dinners
  • Lunches at the track

Ferrari Corso Pilota 2021 Driving Courses in the United States

February 15–16 |    SPORT
February 17–18   |    ADVANCED


April 18–19    |    SPORT
April 20–21    |    SPORT
April 23–24    |    ADVANCED


May 10–11 | Evolution
May 12–13 | Challenge


July 19–20    |    SPORT
July 21–22    |    ADVANCED


November 17–18   |   SPORT*
November 19–20   |   SPORT*
November 21–22   |   ADVANCED*
*Night running on Day 1

December 13–14   |    EVOLUTION
December 15–16   |    CHALLENGE

2021 Ferrari Driving Courses Near Chicagoland

While Ferrari Corso Pilota’s USA offerings extend from coast to coast, Chicago-area enthusiasts don’t have to leave their backyard to enjoy the program’s highly personalized teaching approach. Not only that, but participants will be able to hone their techniques in both the Sport and Advance programs on one of the most storied racetracks in the entire world: Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway has hosted some of the most recognizable events in racing, including the Indianapolis 500, the Brickyard 400, and the Ferrari Challenge Series. The 2.5-mile track is instantly recognizable to racing fans because of its uniformity: it’s composed of two ⅝-mile long straightaways, two ⅛-mile long straightaways, and four identical ¼-mile turns. It may be simple compared to some of the world’s more exotic venues, but purists love it because it has no gimmicks: those who race on this track are able to test their raw driving skills in ideal conditions. And, when public health orders allow, they’re able to do so in front of up to 400,000 spectators. 

The combination of Corso Pilota and a legendary racetrack means that you have a chance to have a driving experience like no other. We’re excited to welcome you to our home track, and we’re certain that you’re eager to learn the driving techniques of the professionals — let’s get started!

Learn More With Continental AutoSports Ferrari

To discuss pricing and scheduling, contact Continental AutoSports Ferrari. Ferrari owners are welcome, but you needn’t have your own Prancing Horse to participate in the thrilling Corso Pilota program. And we’re happy to help even if you’re not based in Chicagoland — it’s worth the trip to enjoy driving instruction on Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and we’ll also be happy to help facilitate the purchase of a new or pre-driven Ferrari while you’re here!

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