Ferrari 458 Speciale

Maximum Power
at 9,000rpm
Maximum Torque
4.5 Liter
V8 Naturally Aspirated
Maximum Speed

Years in Production: 2013, 2014, and 2015

The Ferrari 458 Speciale is the most extreme and focused V8 sports car in history. The Speciale shifts faster, stops quicker and turns sharper than the 458 Italia. It’s innovations include additional horsepower, decreased weight, and aerodynamic styling modifications, plus record-setting achievements and Ferrari patents. This prancing horse delivers razor-sharp handling with an intense driving experience whether you’re tearing up the highways between Indianapolis and Milwaukee or sticking to the streets of Chicago.  And it’s all punctuated by a sporty soundtrack of signature Ferrari roars.

Ferrari 458 Speciale Specs

  • Engine: Natural Aspirated 4.5L V8
  • Horsepower: 597 hp @ 9,000 rpm
  • Torque: 398 lb-ft
  • Top Speed: 202 mph
Ferrari 458 Speciale

Ferrari 458 Speciale

Ferrari 458 Speciale Exterior Details

The Ferrari Styling Center worked with Pininfarina to develop a compact, sculpted performance vehicle that embraces high-end technology and engineering. The 458 Speciale’s bodywork has been enhanced without modifying the passenger cell or main features of the Italia.

Every Ferrari 458 Speciale you find for sale will sport a number of aerodynamic enhancements over the 458 Italia. The glass thickness and a Lexan rear window were crafted to further decrease overall weight. Forged wheels, a redesigned bumper, a vented bonnet, finned side sills, and a taller rear spoiler are some of the active aerodynamics of the Speciale, which help to deliver maximum downforce in cornering and minimum drag in a straight line. The air outlets at the sides of the headlights include three louvers reminiscent of the 250 GTO and F40.

The electronics, brakes, suspension, and tires on the  Ferrari 458 Speciale all feature new technological innovations. For instance, this model debuts Ferrari’s Side Slip Control (SSC) and optimizes torque management with F1-Trac and E-Diff. Everything works together with the seven-speed dual clutch transmission to deliver pinpoint accuracy.

Ferrari 458 Speciale Interior Details

The interior cockpit of the 458 Speciale is bears the strong influence of racing history. The entire focus is on performance and all interior materials are fashioned to decrease weight. The vehicle is absent of carpeting, armrests, and storage spaces to keep the focus on the vehicle’s relationship with the road.

An extensive array of customization options are available with the 458 Speciale, including:

  • Bluetooth
  • Audio System
  • Navigation System
  • A Rearview Camera
  • Parking Sensors
  • Carbon Fiber Accents
  • Carbon Fiber Spoilers
  • Carbon Fiber Racing Seats
  • A Two-Tone Interior
  • An Alcantara-Upholstered Dashboard
Ferrari 458 Speciale

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