Ferrari 812 Superfast

Maximum Power
at 8,500rpm
Maximum Torque
6.5 Liter
V12 - 65°
Maximum Speed
2.9 sec
0 - 62 mph

Continental AutoSports Ferrari welcomes the all-new 812 Superfast! Thanks to a naturally aspirated 12-cylinder engine, this berlinetta is the fastest, most powerful Ferrari for sale, boasting a maximum speed of 211 mph. The front mid-engine Ferrari is made primarily of aluminum, creating a light feeling of movement — it weighs a mere 3,900 pounds. This new fastback design blends aerodynamics and performance while displaying a muscular elegance.The name of the 812 Superfast is point to what it can do: the number 8 denotes the near 800 horsepower the engine generates, 12 denotes the dozen cylinders beneath the hood. The special significance of the V12 series marked the official start of the prancing horse story in 1947.

Ferrari 812 Superfast Specs

    • Engine: Naturally Aspirated 6.5L V12
    • Horsepower: 800 hp @ 8,500 rpm
    • Torque: 529 lb-ft
    • Top Speed: 211 mph
    • Acceleration: 0 – 62 mph in 2.9 seconds
812 Superfast

812 Superfast

Ferrari 812 Superfast Engine Details

The Ferrari Styling Center pushed the limits when creating the 812 Superfast. By building off the powerful F12berlinetta and F12tdf, the new Ferrari 812 Superfast was was able to take the title of the fastest and most powerful Ferrari. It has benefitted from a wealth of track-derived engineering experience to create a rewarding driving experience, whether you’re sticking to roads of Chicago or zipping along the highways to Milwaukee.

The engine’s displacement was increased from 6.2 to 6.5 liters, but there’s more to this impressive V12 engine than that. Its output has been boosted to 800cv @ 8,500 rpm and at 529 lb-ft of maximum torque at 7,000 rpm. The combination of the powerful engine and adaptive transmission offers heightened performance and a thrilling driving experience. To make full use of the car’s power and guarantee perfect weight distribution, the vehicle exploits a highly evolved transaxle architecture that combines a front-mounted engine with a rear-mounted transmission.

The 812 Superfast is also the first Ferrari equipped with (EPS) Electric Power Steering. When the vehicle is cornering, the steering wheel torque provides the driver with an indication that the car is getting closer to its limit of grip with the help of (FFP) Ferrari Peak Performance. The Ferrari Power Oversteer (FPO) is engaged when powering out of corners, in the case of oversteer, the steering wheel torque will give the driver feedback to assist with realigning the car. The Superfast incorporates the Brembo Extreme Design brakes, which are the most efficient ever developed by Ferrari — and they’re also found on the LaFerrari.

Ferrari 812 Superfast Interior and Exterior Design

The aerodynamic design of the new 812 Superfast for sale is part of Ferrari’s ongoing commitment to continually improving performance with each new model. The Superfast presents a perfect balance of exterior dimensions and interior space, with a fastback two-box design with a high tail reminiscent of the 365 GTB4 (Daytona) of 1969. The sharply slanted crease lines and muscular wheel arches allow for a truly aggressive stance, while the modern flow of the rear spoiler ensures downforce. The Ferrari 812 Superfast’s interior space has also been redesigned to express a new, innovative, comfortable character, and the cockpit style flaunts all the technology available to both driver and passenger.

812 Superfast interior

Want to Buy a Ferrari 812 Superfast?

The Ferrari 812 Superfast is the ultimate in speed and power, and you can learn more at Continental AutoSports Ferrari. We can assist you with leasing and financing options through Ferrari Financial Services, so contact us today to inquire about any Ferrari 812 Superfast models we have for sale.

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