Ferrari LaFerrari

Maximum Power
at 9,000rpm
Maximum Torque
6.3 Liter Naturally Aspirated and 120KW Electric Motor HY-KERS Hybrid Power
Maximum Speed

Years in Production: 2014, 2015, 2016

The limited edition LaFerrari is Ferrari’s first ever hybrid supercar. Deriving its name from the Italian word “the Ferrari”, LaFerrari in context means the “definitive” Ferrari. This definitive prancing horse perfectly blends power, precision, and performance while maximizing efficiency. With only 500 made, finding a LaFerrari for sale is exceedingly rare.

LaFerrari Specs

  • Engine: Naturally Aspirated 6.3L V12 with a 120kW Electric Motor
  • Horsepower: 949 hp @ 9,000 rpm
  • Torque: 664 lb-ft
  • Top Speed: 218 mph


HY-KERS system

LaFerrari Engine and Performance Details

The LaFerrari roars to life with a signature soundtrack through the help of its unique mid-rear, naturally-aspirated V12 engine, which is paired with a powerful and efficient electric motor — this marriage is the LaFerrari’s most significant engineering innovation. The LaFerrari is able to produce an outstanding maximum power output of 963 cv (949.44 hp) and 900 nm (663.8 lb-ft) of torque. For those who find themselves behind the wheel of the LaFerrari, you will easily reach high speeds quickly — it boasts a top speed of 218 mph.

The LaFerrari combines the greatest technologies from both GT and Formula 1 engineering, delivering the highest performance ever reached by a production Ferrari. The supercar was designed to save fuel and generate incredible power by using the F1-derived HY-KERs hybrid drivetrain, combining a 161-hp electric motor in tandem with the powerful 6.3L V12. The LaFerrari can boast the title of being the most powerful Ferrari vehicle built for the road while still obtaining optimal efficiency.


The supercar features a 7-speed clutch transmission, rear-wheel drive, and front double-wishbone and rear multi-link suspension, putting the driver in complete control. The vehicle features Brembo brakes, which integrate with the energy-recovery system. The lighter calipers were specifically designed to guarantee perfect heat dissipation from the new carbon-ceramic discs. The LaFerrari is also the first Ferrari to incorporate the dynamic control driver-assistance systems with active aerodynamics and hybrid technology.

These systems are especially useful because all of the LaFerrari’s electric authority is instantly deliverable at the first press on the pedal, allowing the combustion component to be optimized for superior performance at higher revs. Mirroring the integration of Ferrari’s motor duo, each experience of the supercar hybrid is designed to advance a sense of unity between man and machine.



LaFerrari Exterior Design

The Ferrari Styling Center, Engineering, and Ferrari’s F1 drivers worked as one team to create the LaFerrari. The LaFerrari’s silhouette, proportions, downward-sloping nose, and muscular fenders echo the classic mid-rear-engine sports car prototypes of the late 1960s and early 1970s, such as the 330 P4 and 312P.

The F1 wind tunnel engineers set a record level for aero efficiency with the LaFerrari, and airflow influences the entire sculpture of the car, channeling air to cool hot vehicle components. The fluid surface gives the LaFerrari low drag and high downforce, while the entire chassis is comprised of four different types of carbon fiber materials to lend maximum rigidity in all dimensions with minimum weight.

Limited Edition Model

As a limited edition, special series model, just a few LaFerrari models were built and available to buyers. In total, only 500 units of the unique limited edition series have been produced.

With the first 499 LaFerrari models already sold to customers, one model was auctioned for charity. On December 3, 2016, the LaFerrari that was auctioned sold for 7.5 million, making this car the most valuable 21st-century automobile ever sold. The car was auctioned by RM Sotheby’s, with all proceeds going to the National Italian American Foundation’s Earthquake Relief Fund. The auction was held at Finali Mondiali (the Ferrari Challenge World Finals) at Daytona International Speedway. Finali Mondiali has special significance because it was the first time in history that Ferrari Challenge World Finals were brought to America.


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